“The Howler on the Sales Floor” – Writers of the Future, Vol. 34

Art by Sidney Lugo

Nya is an extradimensional being of nearly unimaginable power. Unfortunately for him (though probably fortunately for his coworkers), his will is checked by an even more terrifying power: human resources.

From a Starred Review at Publisher’s Weekly:

Jonathan Ficke’s “Howler on the Sales Floor” is a tongue-in-cheek reflection of the inner thoughts of retail workers.

“The Final Sundering of Hellas” Tales of Ruma


Tales of Ruma is the tie-in fiction associated with a tabletop RPG, Ruma: Dawn of Empire, which was funded on Kickstarter. The setting is an alternate world, post-Hellenic Mediterranean. Helene magi managed to open a gate to Hel (as one does) and ushered in the downfall of their empire (classic Helene magi, really), allowing the rise of the Ruman Empire.

“The Final Sundering of Hellas” is the story of the last group of Hellenes driven to their final stronghold. Pausanias is one of the somatophylakes, an elite bodyguard-general for his king. The last of the Helenes have barricaded themselves behind the walls of their only city yet to fall to the forces of Hel. Though loyal to his king, a mysterious woman gives him a command he cannot disobey: kill the king or your family dies. With almost every option leading to the grave, Pausanias must chart a delicate course if he wants to escape with his life and the lives of those he cares about.

“Fimbulvetr Industries, DA, LLC, GbR, MChJ Seeks Mad Engineer” – Mad Scientist Journal: Spring 2018

A mad scientist organization seeking to expand into practical execution of its mad science has taken out a classified ad looking for the perfect mad engineer candidate.