Current Projects

The Lamplight Revolt – Done at 94,000 words, currently querying

A sentient darkness, the Black, has blocked the sun over 1819 Paris. Those exposed to the Black die or are corrupted into murderous beasts. What remains of Napoleon’s army created the tyrannical Illuminator government by controlling the magicians who are the city’s only source of light.

But not all who can conjure light serve the Illuminators. Marie d’Arignac, her sister Lucie, and her lover Henri are magicians who have evaded the Illuminator yoke. Marie fiercely guards her independence, making a living by venturing outside of the city to scavenge artifacts from before the Black stole the sun. When the Illuminators capture Henri, and Lucie is consumed by the darkness looming over the city, Marie must join the revolution to save Henri, but overthrowing the Illuminators and saving Henri could plunge Paris into fatal darkness.

Seven Days to Cross –  Done at 95,000 words, currently querying

Echo has a rig, a crew, and the ability to see the beacons that mark a “safe” passage across the mile-deep canyon separating Dyatlov from Jerboa. Escorting passengers and cargo across the Break isn’t glamorous, but it is a living.

When she leads her crew down into the canyon everything from the heat, to the monsters, to the beacons marking the safe path seem aligned to stop her and kill her crew, what seemed to be a routine run becomes a race for survival.