Review – The Raven Tower

The Raven Tower: Leckie, Ann: 9780316388696: Books

Ann Leckie‘s fantasy is a wild new spin on Hamlet and the revenge story. This book takes risks with structure, some of it is delivered in second person, others first person, the narrative bounces between a god and the right-hand of the prince who is the one seeking his birthright, and his revenge.

It’s a complicated story, with a complicated structure. It challenges the reader to interrogate perspectives, conceptions of gender, society, and divinity, and it asks questions about the relationship of humanity to divinity. This isn’t the proverbial popcorn movie, but it was exceptionally well-crafted.

If it sounds good to you, check it out. If you’ve got a local independent bookseller, please give them your business in this difficult time. If it works, try using the Bookshop link, which tries to support independent booksellers. If your local library has it on the shelf, support libraries!

If Amazon is the what works for you to get books in the pandemic, use Amazon, that’s okay too!


The Raven Tower


The Raven Tower


The Raven Tower

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