Review: The Nine and The Fall

Tracy Townsend crafted a rich mythology that is among the coolest concepts of anything I’ve ever come across, and there’s no way that I’ll do it justice. In the world of The Nine, there are nine people whose lives are being documented by some divine power who is running an experiment on humanity and using these nine as their sample. What happens when those experiment notes get discovered? (/terribly inadequate pitch)

The world is a vivid and complex vaguely steampunkish cityscape with weird and complicated societies, sentient plants, and a put-upon underclass of “monsters.” It all comes together in a satisfying and fantastic way.

If it sounds good to you, check it out. If you’ve got a local independent bookseller, please give them your business in this difficult time. If it works, try using the Bookshop link, which tries to support independent booksellers. If your local library has it on the shelf, support libraries!

If Amazon is the what works for you to get books in the pandemic, use Amazon, that’s okay too!


The Nine (Thieves of Fate Book 1)

The Fall (Thieves of Fate Book 2)


The Nine (Thieves of Fate Book 1)

The Fall (Thieves of Fate Book 2)

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