Review – The Monster of Elendhaven

Jennifer Giesbrecht’s THE MONSTER OF ELENDHAVEN is a novella about a person who cannot die his lover, a nobleman who is hell bent on exacting revenge against those who have wronged him. The book oozes pathos in its setting, a cold, sea-swept harbor town. From the first line, it forced me into a vivid world and didn’t let me go until it was over (admittedly, too soon… it is a novella, after all).

It was a great read, short, punchy, and viscerally realized.

If it sounds good to you, check it out. If you’ve got a local independent bookseller, please give them your business in this difficult time. If it works, try using the Bookshop link, which tries to support independent booksellers. If your local library has it on the shelf, support libraries!

If Amazon is the best and safest way for you to get books, that’s okay too.

Purchase links:

The Monster of Elendhaven – Bookshop

The Monster of Elendhaven – Powell’s Books

The Monster of Elendhaven – Amazon

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