Review – A Short Stay in Hell

A Short Stay in Hell: Peck, Steven L.: 9780983748427: Books

Steven L. Peck’s novella, A SHORT STAY IN HELL, presents our protagonist with a vision of the afterlife in which he and other lost souls are trapped in a library vast beyond reckoning. The only escape from this existence is to find the book in which the complete story of his life is recorded. To say it’s hunting for a needle in a haystack is the understatement of all eternity.

If it sounds good to you, check it out. If you’ve got a local independent bookseller, please give them your business in this difficult time. If it works, try using the Bookshop link, which tries to support independent booksellers. If your local library has it on the shelf, support libraries!

If Amazon is the what works for you to get books in the pandemic, use Amazon, that’s okay too!


A Short Stay in Hell


A Short Stay in Hell


A Short Stay in Hell

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