Review – “An Empty Cup” by Jeremy TeGrotenhuis

Source: Amazon, Retrieved 6/6/18

I  was lucky enough to beta read “An Empty Cup” by Jeremy TeGrotenhuis (basically, I read the final version save for a couple questions about capitlization). It’s out in the Summer 2018 issue of Deep Magic and available on Amazon.

The story is meditative and imagines a world of exotic magics and all-too-familiar social issues. The journey here is one of self-discovery, of coming to grips with one’s role in life and society, and of finding self-actualization in unexpected places.

As expected, Jeremy takes great care with his prose. He takes his time with the narrative as well. The story doesn’t hurry to get to the end, and yet I still read it quickly. The space he gives to the story and characters allows the elements to shine.

Lastly, the story arcs over the breadth of a life, and shows a satisfying evolution of a person from youth to maturity. I highly recommend it.

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