“All Light and Darkness” – by Amy Henrie Gillett, Illustrated by Duncan Halleck

Art by, Duncan Halleck, http://duncanhalleck.com/

Amy Henrie Gillett brings us “All Light and Darkness”: A nanotech-enhanced fugitive hiding from pursuit among refugees is drawn to a young woman with a unique genetic heritage, but when she attracts trouble, he must choose: save her or save himself?

Amy’s story was one of my favorite in the anthology. The world she created is believable, the sci-fi “powers” visceral and satisfying, and the conflicts, internal and external, resonate. Who doesn’t want to belong? Who hasn’t occasionally felt as though what they are may jeopardize that belonging?

Duncan Halleck captures the protagonist on a field of destruction. Overhead, the twin moons from the story shine down with contrasting colors in blue and red. The piece is frozen in time, reflecting the struggle between the two sides and desires of the protagonist. Light and darkness, illustrated in vivid detail.

Another link to his portfolio is here.

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