“The Face in the Box” – by Janey Bell, Illustrated by Bruce Brenneise

Art by Bruce Brenneise, https://www.brucebrenneise.com/

Janey Bell wrote “The Face in the Box” – The last sunflower farmer on Earth encounters some farming equipment with a mind of its own.

The story is short, sweet, haunting. On the one hand, there’s something easily imaginable about farming in the future and dealing with pesky flying plots of farmland getting in the way of the perfectly traditional terrestrial farmland below. On the other hand, the story lingers because of the conflict between what the character wants (sunlight) and what it might cost to get it (the face in the box). Like the best short fiction, it makes you think and does not hold your hand to an answer.

If you’ve seen any of Bruce Brenneise’s work, you’ll understand immediately how he ended up paired with Janey’s story. Bruce specializes in massive, sweeping fantasy landscapes, and not only did he give us sunflowers, and a floating plot of land from teh story, but he conveyed a sense that in this future, you really are looking at the last sunflower farmer on Earth.

All of Bruce’s images are inspiring and it’s easy to get lost looking at them and imagining stories to go along with his images. In fact, that’s probably part of the idea as he’s contributed art to a few games like Slay the Spire and Numenera.

He also tweets @Brucedraws.

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