“Turnabout” – Erik Bundy, Illustrated by Adar Darnov

Art by, Adar Darnov, adar-illustration.com

Erik Bundy leads off with “Turnabout.” A young man grants an imprisoned genie her wish . . . whether she wants it or not.

Erik gives us a fresh take on the Genie-Wish story. He writes with a lyricism and rhythm, and it is unmistakable that his background in poetry shines through in his prose.

Adar Darnov’s illustration provides a striking image of one of the characters from “Turnabout.” Without delving too deeply into the story, the relationship between the character and the item she holds is an undercurrent throughout. He shows a contemplation of that relationship.

Adar explains that for work like this his biggest influences are classical realism painting and contemporary realistic fantasy illustrators, and describes the style as “merging Marvin Mattelson and Donato Giancola, one a fine art painter, the other a fantasy illustrator.”

Adar also blogs here.

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