Art “Reviews”

I’m going to discuss some of the art I was exposed to last week. Simply put, it’s all inspirational and breathtaking.

Here’s the problem though: I’m not an artist. That’s why these are “reviews” and not Reviews. I am not equipped to discuss or critique it in an intelligent manner. Sometimes I will say things like “it’s awesome” and hope that’s sufficient. Sometimes I will say things like “it’s dynamic.” It may not be ‘dynamic’ in the sense that an artist would use the word, but to me, a lay person, it makes me think of movement, and thus I’ll go with ‘dynamic.’ So hopefully I don’t mess up. Fingers crossed.

To the artists I’m discussing, sorry for my unsophisticated words, and if I trip over myself and say something I shouldn’t, call me on it, and I’ll fix it.

To everyone else, just go look at it for yourself. It’s way more effective than listening to me blather on about it, yes?

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