Tales of Ruma Kickstarter


My story “The Final Sundering of Hellas” is coming out in the anthology Tales of Ruma: Stories Inspiried by Greek & Roman Mythology in a couple months. The anthology is in the midst of a kickstarter with a fairly modest goal: $2,500.00. Get to $2,500.00, and the publisher will print a limited edition print run of 100 hardcover copies. It’s most of the way there, but we should do what we can to nudge it over the top, yes?

The inspiration for my story was the real history of an assassination that changed the world (but that many people remain unaware of). Naturally, after actually writing the story, almost nothing of the real historical event remains, and all we have left is a story of a desperate man, in a desperate situation, taking a desperate action, and hoping to defy the odds to come out alive. It’s got it all:  intrigue! A tense banquet! Poison! An amorous prince! Assassinations! Betrayals!

That description not your thing? Well, check out the table of contents. I’m sandwiched in along side bestselling authors,  so if Jody Lynn Nye, David Farland, D.J. Butler, Julie Frost, are more your speed, this anthology has them. Don’t sleep on “and more,” either.

So… check it out maybe?


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