For a lot of people submitting to WotF, it’s the first exposure to “professional” publishing. It was my second “pro” sale ($.06/word or more). I had sold a story to Tales of Ruma, but the editor had simply accepted it. There were no edits.

I know that people can be apprehensive about sharing their writing. That’s one of the best parts about WotF: It’s an anonymous place to submit your work and break into a habit of being okay with sharing that work and accepting the feedback of rejection. I know I was unsure what the edits I’d get back would be. Would they be bad? Would this thing I had created get changed at the hands of an unfeeling editor?

Not for me.

My edits were pretty minor. Dave Farland is the editor, and his notes were productive, warranted, and made the story better. Apparently I have to work on dialogue tags and attributions. He also asked that I elaborate with more detail in one section.

From other people I’ve heard that the edits have ranged from, none to add a big section here. I don’t have data or any specifics to share. Sorry.

For what it’s worth, I think the editing process was a valuable experience and it made my writing better. It’s just one more lesson that going through this has taught me.

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