In The Forest I Shall Stay (In Estonian Only, Sorry)

Thank you to Kudrun Tamm for translating my short story “In the Forest I Shall Stay” into Estonian where it is up on Algernon.

This story joins is the third piece of mine to find a home for the Estonian audience at Algernon (“The Howler on the Sales Floor” and “Excerpts From the Audio Notes of Jim Dennath, P. (Eldritch) E.“). Unfortunately for those of you who do not read Estonian, this one is not available in English (though the first English rights are available on the off chance you’re an editor with a roughly 1,450 word hole shaped like a surreal meditation on loss and grief in a publication somewhere)

“Excerpts From the Audio Notes of Jim Dennath, P. (Eldritch) E.” – In Estonian

Story Day… in Estonian! Again!

“Excerpts From the Audio Notes of Jim Dennath, P. (Eldritch) E.” has been translated into Estonian by Kristjan Sander and is up at Algernon. This is the second story of mine that Algernon has accepted (“Howler on the Sales Floor” was first).

I’d like to thank Kristjan Sander for both translating the story in the first place, but also for being wonderful to work with whenever questions or concerns arose during the process. I cannot recommend Algernon as a venue for translations highly enough.

Review – “What Lies Dreaming” by Eneasz Brodski


Eneasz Brodski’s “What Lies Dreaming” is not a book for an idle or casual read. It’s a book that makes demands of the reader and has faith that reader will meet its demands. It is a book that finds its stride and gains momentum as the pages turn and one that rewards readers for committing to it.

The structure is unorthodox, and that structure may be its most immediately distinguishing feature. It blends points of view (and at time tenses) in an accelerating and tightening web that ties a slave, a soldier, and a senator together as the inexorable hubris of Rome and human nature combine to drive the city further and further into disaster.

Though much of the horror stems from the hearts of the men, this is a cosmic horror story. The writing of the monsters shines as their surreal traits (and more terrifyingly their effects on people) spring into being. They take familiar elements of horror and convey them in new (and satisfyingly disconcerting ways).

Equally impressive (though possibly only to Roman history geeks), the blending of historical reality shines through in details small and large. The way a senator views musicians, for example, is an obscure enough piece of history that the fact it is correctly portrayed suggests that the period setting is thoroughly researched.

Befitting any good cosmic horror, this addresses and, I believe, portrays mental illness. By way of caveat I have no mental healthcare training nor personal experience with what I believe was portrayed (so I suppose it is possible that it was done poorly), but I found it to be believable and compelling. I thought there was a devious ambiguity as to where the mental health issue ended and where the speculative element of the story began.

“Excerpts From the Audio Notes of Jim Dennath, P. (Eldritch) E.” – Mad Scientist Journal

Story Day!

Mad Scientist Journal Spring 2019 Quarterly is now available and contains three! dark humor pieces that all stem from the classified ad that ran in the Spring 2019 issue in which Fimbulvetr Industries, the world’s leading apocalyptic science corporation sought a mad engineer to transition to a more practical focus on ushering in the end times. Now that it’s out of exclusivity, I’ve posted it here for everyone to read.

Well, I am happy to announce, they found that engineer, and we have “Excerpts From the Audio Notes of Jim Dennath, P. (Eldritch) E.” to see what could possibly go wrong when an engineer is tasked with opening a portal to the twisted abyss.

Also, given the outcomes of Jim’s fateful experiments in forbidden Assyrian osteomancy, two new job openings have sprung up at Fimbulvetr Industries.  “Fimbulvetr Industries, DA, LLC, GbR, MChJ Seeks Mad Evolutionary Biologist,” and ” Fimbulvetr Industries, DA, LLC, GbR, MChJ Seeks Animal Trainers.” Join this exciting firm today!